Scotland pt.2 -Glasgow – Manchester – Liverpool – back to London / week 4

Last I wrote, I had enjoyed three days in Edinburgh- I finished that jaunt with their Modern Art Gallery then hopped onto the train and headed to Glasgow.

I got there mid afternoon and just sauntered around-went to a few galleries, checked in at the hostel and went for ramen at Ichiban. That evening I hung out in the hostel pub and chatted with some fellows- Daniel, Marc and Theo.

Got up in the morning to have a very awkward conversation as one of the girls in our room had her wallet stolen overnight. (Lockers are there for a reason friend.) I volunteered to have the staff go through all of my belongings to set this girl’s mind at ease, but in the end I just gave a statement to a police officer and called it a day.

I walked around for a bit, but I was exhausted and kinda off- so I went to an internet cafe and updated this here blog and just relaxed- enjoyed a tuna jacket potato. Ran around a bit more trying to see as much as I could of the city then hopped on to the 5pm train to Manchester to meet with Adam.

Had a really awesome visit with him, it was fantastic to just chill out on Saturday + tasty food. Had my first sticky toffee pudding om nom nom. Then Sunday was the most Beatles OH MAH GAWD amazing day ever. Liverpool is my Graceland. Oh yes, yes yes! I must say doin’ that whole thing alone wouldn’t have been the same, getting giddy then turning to someone beside you is way different then grinning without end alone.

Here’s some photos:

On the train to Glasgow

George Square

Outside the Modern Art Museum

Walkin’ through the streets…

Hostel life x 2

Gallery of Modern Art at night

This is Marc and Daniel. Marc was suffering from the hiccups- this was the attempt to cure him

Where I hung out with Adam and had a Liverpool adventure.

Our epic Beatles-filled day

Inside the Beatles Museum-

Lennon Tribute

Then we hopped on the Magical Mystery Tour

These need no explanation-


A dapper fellow-

The Cavern

Beatle Street

Liverpool in the evenin’

When I got back to London on Monday evening Tom and I had tickets to see Malcolm Middleton at The Borderline with openers Meursault. The show was fantastic- so incredible to see Middleton live.



I woke up Tuesday super ickers and achey so I just stayed on the couch drawing and watching Buffy. Wednesday was a repeat of that. This morning I’ve been doing the same, but I have plans to see a lecture this evening with my friend Mark. I will conquer you cold!!!



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