Scotland pt. 1- Edinburgh / week 3

Ahhh the last little bit has been a blur. This past week has been PACKED.

Last Thursday I ended my night with a pint at the Albert with Tom and Adam.

Friday Adam and I grabbed a bite to eat, saw ‘Up in the Air’ then met up with Tom and Matt Sheret at The Black Heart for a 100 Days event.

Saturday I hung out with Adam again before he went back to Manchester then Julia and I went to her friend Rachel’s birthday party with Nevs. The bar was INCREDIBLE- rockabilly themed goodness! The women were so done up- I was impressed!

Then Sunday was the day I got my shit together for my awesome Scottish adventure. Sadly I have no photos of any of the above to show you. But I do have what’s below. I left on Monday for Edinburgh where I stayed until Thursday afternoon- when I hopped on a train for Glasgow.

These are some photos from Mon-Wednesday.

Fantastic scenery from the train

I knew I’d picked the right hostel when I saw this- by the way, I HIGHLY recommend it. Caledonian Backpackers. They were 12 shades of awesome.

And my church and graveyard fixation continues…

It’s the little things

Edinburgh Castle

Hostel Life

Self explanatory awesome

This is The Elephant House- where JK Rowling wrote the first bit of Harry Potter

In the Scotland National Museum

View from the rooftop terrace

The Palace- too bad this is how dark it gets at 4pm *sigh*


View from Edinburgh Castle

This was part of an AMAZING exhibit at the Military Museum at the Castle

Around the castle-

What you see below is the cemetery for soldier’s dogs

The Great Hall

Outside of the Camera Obscura

Cathedrals are delicious

Memorial on Calton Hill

There will be more photos later oh yes, yes, yes-



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6 Responses to “Scotland pt. 1- Edinburgh / week 3”

  1. indiewoman Says:

    Great photos! Scotland looks amazing. Hope to get there sometime. What was your favorite part of the travel?

  2. sartenada Says:

    I liked those church photos, because they are my speciality.

  3. Kayla Hillier Says:

    My favorite part… hmm- In terms of places I’d have to say Edinburgh- really dug just walking around old town there. Really beautiful architecture.

  4. jukeboxparables Says:

    Holy crap that He-man window setup is LOL!

  5. Kayla Hillier Says:

    I know right- I need to be Skeletor next Halloween

  6. indiewoman Says:

    Loved the photos! Are the Scots really friendly..and are the men as cute as they think they are? ;)

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