Life in London so far…

So things thus far have gone quite well.

I ran into a few snags along the way, my debit card information got stolen right before Christmas so I had to sort that out, at the airport I got caught up in the whole “NO CARRY ONS” business which made me have to re-pack, pay extra and upgrade to a higher class – the zipper on my suitcase broke in transit… etc A bit of stress, but I made it and all is well.

I don’t want to get into too too much- I figure photos will do the trick.

When I first got to Julia and Sarah’s, as I unpacked they played with the Sin City toys that I’d brought for Nevs.

Then we went down to the Royal Albert pub to meet with Tom and Mark and have a few pints.

The next day Julia and I got up a bit late but went to meet Howard at the Angel pub. This is where I got introduced to Brown Sauce.

We thought we would try and see the film Sherlock Holmes but the theaters were busy and there were lots of people so we decided to meet Tom at the Albert instead. (Of course after having dessert at another pub in Central London). This night I ended up puking. Because I fail. I FAIL FAIL FAIL.

The next night of course was New Years and Julia and I got all dressed up and snazzy. (ie. way too much cleavage). Then we went into Central to the same pub where we got the dessert, to meet Nevs. There I met Matt, Rachel, Carrie and later on John Browne as well.

Around 9pm we met Phil and Tom at the Amersham Arms for some dancing. The music was pretty horrible. We ended up heading back to Julia’s for midnight. (Happy New Year by the way).

Friday, January 1st- was a complete write off. Haha we just sat in all day. Did NOTHING and it was wonderful. Yay recovery! We did get take away Chinese food. Delicious.

Then on Saturday we meant serious business. We went to Central London passed out a ton of CVs for Julia, found my epic pair of boots (pictured below) which I think I will try to buy tomorrow. Ate at Pret- got a pint with Nevs and then went back to New Cross to the Albert to have tea and later another pint. Pretty damn productive.

Sunday Julia and I met with my friend Andrew Wheeler- Jamie McKelvie, Hannah, Christina, Linz, Aman, and Sean Azzopardi for lunch and chit chat. It was *SO* nice to see Andrew and to meet everyone.

Later on we met Rob Deb, Nevs, Karl and Fran at the Angel pub for a few drinks and then took the bus home.

God this is starting to sound like a “Dear Diary…” post but a few people have asked me what I’ve been up to and this is my lame recap. A few more days and I promise I’m done.

Monday I spent pretty much the entire day in the pub- drawing and writing- basically catching up and blog posting and the like. Got to say hello to Tom and Pip at the Albert with Julia then headed back home for some sleep.

Tuesday Julia had to do some work for McKelvie so I sat on the floor drawing while they got things done. Highly entertaining conversation there. Then I went to the Albert and got even more work done, was joined by Tom at the end and ended the evening with a snowball fight.

Today … had a really late start but ended up back at the Albert writing some emails and whatnot. Julia joined me and later Tom too. Thus- there are no photos from the last few days. Been kinda living at the pub drinkin’ tea and a bit of mulled wine and cider (tonight anyway)

SO there we have it. That’s what I’ve been up to this past week.



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3 Responses to “Life in London so far…”

  1. Tova Says:

    Yay, glad to hear everything is going really well! What do you make of this ridiculous weather? Must admit that I’m now completely tired of the snow/ice/subzero temperatures.

  2. Kayla Hillier Says:

    It’s strange because although I woke up at my parent’s place around Christmastime to some snow- because Toronto hadn’t had any yet- it wasn’t until the other night that I actually got to be outside as it was snowing.

    Weather-wise it kinda feels like Toronto- and here I thought I’d get a break.

  3. jukeboxparables Says:

    pints pints pints! :) The trip sounds great so far, keep the updates a rollin!

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