Resolutions Reflected and Renewed

These were my resolutions for 2009. I did pretty well all things considered.

1- write a second draft of my NaNo novel (see: and participate in NaNo again this year One of the reasons I’m in London is to get through draft #2.
2- finish my website before Spring
3- create a small comic about Dan and I’s trip to Paris- Not sure if I’ll do one about that still, but small comic yes. I did start drawing in general again so I don’t feel like this one was a complete loss. I also completed my first Magnetic Fields sucker.
4- get my G2 this time around- failin’ is fo’ fools … which sadly, I am.
5- get a laptop to facilitate writing
6- read a book a week- 52 books by the end of the year. I was so close, SO close!!!
7- read more comics, I feel like I didn’t read enough this year
8- eat healthier, more fish … less cookies and ice cream
9- knit more- learn how to do something other than a scarf- never even tried this one… did learn how to knit purl though…
10- continue with my mad skillz as a chef. Continue to climb the baking mountain and move into more serious things.
11- walk minimum 30 min a day- walked a TON, not every day though…
12- plant the garden of dreams. OF DREAMS- this was somewhat foiled by the evil asshole raccoons! They kept eating all of my veggies! So I did try, I did plant one.

So now it’s time to make some new resolutions….

1-read a book a week. I will achieve
2-finish second draft to my first NaNo novel
3-finish second draft to my second NaNo novel
4-finish two Magnetic Fields comics/ illos
5-make a zine
6-make a comic
7-record some music

There we have it… short and sweet. Bite sized really.



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