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When I was packing this time around, I hit the point of “serious business”. I decided to get rid of some stuff that I’d been dragging around for years. First order of business was my notes. “Notes?” you say, “What do you mean by notes?”. Well, I had kept every single note passed between my friends and I throughout high school. I’d kept them in separate boxes and bags labeled by which grade I was in, I assume expecting to open them one day and laugh and smile at my teen years.

When me BFF Arthur realized what I was throwing away (recycling to get technical) he thought I was silly. I assume he would have kept them all, but it was time to purge. It was fun to open a few and read through them, but half of the things that were referenced had code names so if a teacher or other classmate picked them up, our secrets would stay secret.

I got rid of my GINORMOUS roll of movie posters that I’d been dragging around since… 2004? All of my Hanson stuff. Yes, HANSON STUFF. You laugh, but I rock out. I also sent a ton of Harry Potter stuff to Good Will. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted. AHHH freedom from those sentimental objects.

I’ve been away from Toronto for less than a week and I’m already having a few pangs of, hmm… not necessarily missing it, just an “Awww, Toronto” feeling.

I did make sure to consume Insomnia’s chicken, avocado and brie sandwich one more time before leaving.


Now I’m trying to read what feels like 12 books and 18 magazines before I leave in an attempt to make my suitcase lighter.

6 days ’til my flight- 7 days ’til I’m actually in London.



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