Von Bondies- C’mon C’mon!

Arthur and I heard about The Von Bondies coming to Toronto and I think on a whim of nostalgia decided we best buy some tickets.

We had heard that the concert was a charity event for Toronto’s Homeless- but little did we know what we were in for- The crowd was just slightly awkward and ranging in age from 19-mid 60s. Strange dance moves and just all around… weirdness. (Wow, really descriptive there Kayla Marie.) I just don’t know how to explain it. It was not your typical concert goers. There. That works.

They had raffles and whatnot throughout the evening but my personal favorite was the award winning Eating Contest Guy. He downed 4 liters of egg nog + an entire bag of Oreos. *puke* Arthur has a video of the whole thing- it’s like a car wreck.

Some photos of our Eating Contest Guy:

Next up was the opening band Flatliners and to be honest I was even weary about mentioning their name because I have nothing nice to say about them. The drummer wore sunglasses indoors the entire time they played. They were horrible.

They started a song saying “This next song is called “You Are Not Alone” then began to sing ♪ “Yooouuuu are noooot alooooone” ♫. Aghahaghahgah.

But then! The Von Bondies took the stage and although the sound was a little too loud, they were FANTASTIC. I would love to go see them again away from this crowd- at another venue.

Some photos:



For the full set of photos head over to my Photography section.

I took a few videos but my batteries were running out- shame, shame.

Pale Bride-

C’mon C’mon-

They were definitely swoon worthy, put on such a great show. They are going on the list of “to see” when in town.



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2 Responses to “Von Bondies- C’mon C’mon!”

  1. adc Says:

    that was a bizarre night. I’ll post the vids and other pics ASAP. I want to be the next food eating champion!!!

  2. Kayla Hillier Says:

    No you don’t dude. That was gross. SO GROSS

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