London, England take 3

I went to England again for a weekend excursion mid month. ‘Twas good times but I managed to take very few photos. Hrm.

But in my opinion- this is why Europe > North America. Just for things like this.

Friday just kinda relaxed and whatnot- got some tasty food, then went to Orbital Comics to set up for the Solipsistic Pop Exhibition which you can take a peek at until November 30th.

Here’s some photos of us setting up:


Alex and Julia

Julia and Tom

Alex, Pip and Stephen.

Carl (Karl?) from Orbital, Pip, Alex and Tom

Getting prepared to hammer in the sign. Me, Stephen and Pip.

Stephen, Pip, Tom, Julia and Alex

After this we went to the Angel Pub which is pretty close by for some drinks. I got potentially a little too sauced… (or trollied).
My friend Nadine and her boyfriend Matt who were also in England at the time met up with us for drinks. I got to meet some fantastic people and say hello to some who I’d met in September as well. Really, really nice evening.

Saturday was pretty relaxed- watched a film and went out for food, later caught up with Julia, her friend Irene and Nevs at the Royal Albert pub for some drinks. I took some photos this night but my memory card wasn’t even in my camera, that’s a fail.

Sunday was pretty relaxed as well- went for a pub roast with Tom’s friend Patrick in the afternoon and then went to see the comedy of Josie Long (who makes me swoon), Tim Key, and from the Office and Extras Stephen Merchant with our host Greg Davies.

It was fucking fantastic. Merchant almost killed Tom- I haven’t laughed that hard in AGES.



This is where things go ridiculous when Stephen and two audience members acted out a dramatic play with some really serious issues.

And then I crawled back to Canada.



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