Florence and the Machine – FTW!

I have been gushing about Florence and the Machine since springtime and to finally see them live last week was one of my highlights of 2009. (Considering these tunes were my soundtrack for the vast majority of the year. *wink*)

Arthur was kind enough to pick up a ticket for me- it was a good thing too as the show sold out quickly. We grabbed dinner with his wife Neelam and then sauntered over to the event on a very rainy Monday evening and ended up landing incredible spots right against the stage.

The show started with Pony Da Look a band I’d seen open for Sloan before. (They’re on their label) I’m still trying to figure out how I feel about them. On. The. Fence.

They’re an all girl keyboard band- actually they had a dude drumming for them this time around… anyhoo…

Then of course Florence took the stage.
I want to tell you that she blew my mind and that it was SUCH a fantastic show but then I feel cliché and like I’ve said that about every show lately. And it’s true, I’ve lucked out and had a really great run with fantastic shows.

I just have a soft spot for this band. They didn’t disappoint. *sigh*

The set list:
Between Two Lungs
My Boy Builds Coffins
Kiss With a Fist
Are You Hurting the One You Love?
Hospital Beds
Drumming Song
Dog Days
Cosmic Love

You’ve Got the Love
Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)

I’m pretty happy with these photos- I think they’re on par with The Decemberists ones:

And I took videos of four of the songs. Enjoy:

Between Two Lungs:

Kiss With A Fist:

Drumming Song:

Cosmic Love:



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2 Responses to “Florence and the Machine – FTW!”

  1. adc Says:

    dude. you got some awesome pics. I want. copies!
    plus the vids too.
    That was a fun show. feels like forever ago.
    I need to upload my vids etc.
    yeah. I only speak in short sentences

  2. Kayla Hillier Says:

    Hahahaha short sentence mcgee = you.

    Friday bring your external hard drive thinger we can swapsies

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