Solipsistic Pop Launch at the ICA

Some friends of mine have been working extremely hard on an anthology called Solipsistic Pop that will be launching this Sunday at the ICA and I really wanted to draw some attention to it. I’ve already been privileged enough to have a peek at the artwork and it’s going to be such a fantastic and beautiful book. If you’re in the London area I would *highly* recommend attending.

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Book one of Solipsistic Pop will be officially launched at the Comica Comiket at the ICA on November 8th.

The stall will feature copies of the book and a selection of work by the contributors. Most contributors will be there on the day to sign books. The Comiket will be open between 1pm and 6pm.

A post-launch party will take place in the ICA bar from 7.30pm until closing. There will be live drawing and DJ sets from contributors during the night.

News on how you can pick up copies of Solipsistic Pop after the launch will be available here later that week.

You can preview the book here and download a press release here.

A few weeks ago Alex Fitch, presenter of Panel Borders, interviewed four of the Solipsistic Pop contributors for London’s Resonance FM the podcast is available here.

Stephen Collins, Matthew Sheret, Julia Scheele and Tom Humberstone talk about the origins of the anthology, the reasons for writing a manifesto, the state of the British comics scene, the difference between the alternative comic scene in North America compared to the UK, mainstream acceptance (or lack thereof) of the comicbook artform, and the future of print.

Here’s a flyer that Tom created for Comica Comiket

Also of potential interest here are some photos of the book being printed.


(Most of the above was taken from the Solipsistic Pop website.)


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