La Roux is Bulletproof! Get it!? Bulletproof? It’s her song haha… heh…

Last Friday I attended the La Roux concert at the Guvernment with my friend Bevan and her lover Paul.
Like responsible adults we began our evening drinking Rockstar Energy drinks + vodka on the way to the venue. Très dangereux.

The opening act was Diamond Rings and he surely knows how to rock. I highly advise, if his sweet outfit isn’t enough ammo for worship, that you click on the link and enjoy a tune.

La Roux took the stage next and I was immediately impressed. She’s fantastic live.
She wasn’t feeling so hot so the set was pretty short but she rocked every song. I couldn’t help dancing and the lovely people I met beside me were groovin’ along too.
(Insert high fives to Brad, Robbie, Mitch and Shane here)

The Set List
Cover My Eyes
Colourless Colour
I’m Not Your Toy
In For The Kill
(the set list below says Fascination but she never played it- I assume health-related)

It was really hard to get some decent shots of her because she moves around a ton- but here are the best few.

I also managed to take two videos. The first is In For The Kill:

The second is Bulletproof but I’m not sure what I was thinking- the camera is tilted all wrong here and there throughout- but overall it’s kiiiinnnda decent:

After the show, which ended incredibly early – think 10:30ish or so, Bevan, Paul and I decided to stand by the bus to try and get autographs and whatnot but it was pouring rain and we lacked an umbrella. They left after a good hour or so wait- I decided to make some more friends and be a die hard as usual. *insert Kayla fangirl here*

By the end there was just three of us: two guys Dennis and Kevin + myself waiting huddled under their umbrellas.

Some of the crew/management guys (not really sure who they were actually- kind of sad as we talked for a good while and I have no names) kept us company talking about London, music, the tour and the like- incredibly awesome people.
Eventually edging on 1am we got to meet Mickey and William:

Then Elly came out and we were told that Ben (her co-writer/ producer) was actually hanging out on this tour which was a bit of rare thing, so we got to meet him as well.

Not exactly the sauciest photos but considering I was soaked and I’d been waiting for 2.5ish hours meeeh.

Annnnd zee autographs + set list:

Mickey and Will



The end.



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