There ain’t no party like a Chris Stone party

Chris Stone turned 35 last weekend which meant it was time to party.

The venue: The Gladstone.
The purpose: Karaoke.

Our host for the evening

I started with my karaoke staple “Bring Me To Life”- Evanescence

Manale, Diana with some Andy B and Alex in teh back.

Andy B + Alex

Here is where we take what I’m gonna call an Arthur and Kayla “emo break” ;)

I was moved to take a photo with this karaoke singer while she belted it on stage

Le Arthur– my right hand man

Birthday boy + Diana

Not really sure what’s happening here haha

He makes birthdays look HAWT

Diana is also HAWT

Alex is … sad?

No one can rock “Lion Sleeps Tonight” like Manale can. NO. ONE.

Arthur is going to sell cameras with his face like this:

Diana works the floor.

Chris is a crooner

Manale – Chris

A Chris sandwich

Me + birthday boy

Little boob spillage no worries

Good times? yes yes – that’s Marsha she’s awesome

I can also work the floor

Manale and Marsha

Emo Steve

Darwyn who had a gallery show that evening at the Gladstone with Manale

This is my getting home at 6am face

There we have it.
Almost feel like you were there I’m sure ;)



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3 Responses to “There ain’t no party like a Chris Stone party”

  1. ADC Says:

    um. I so have video of everyone singing…

  2. Kayla Hillier Says:

    what! where?! you tube?! I wanna seeeeeeeeeee

  3. ADC Says:

    theys be on ma computer… I’ll have to stop being lazy and upload

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