London take 2

I did something incredibly impulsive for the thanksgiving weekend. See title.

It was a mixture of things that prompted the idea- I have no regrets. I got my ticket the night before and things lined up quite well.
It was also a nice way to celebrate the Solipsistic Pop Anthology being sent to the printer.

So now I’m going to bombard you with photos. Again.

Heading to the South Bank

*DROOL*- book related market … of glory

Grabbin’ a drink at the BFI- hip? yes

Apparently that sucker is made out of cardboard but Tom and I know that there are definite metal elements

Tom avoiding camera contact

I can roll you the best un-smokeable cigarette ever. I was trying to learn how to do it but clearly smoking continues to not be in future haha. Not that I really wanted it to be anyway… heh

Julia is kind of amazing

The next day we went for roast in the pub and I fell in love with this chair

I am a weather good luck charm

Tom sat on some pornography on the wet picnic table

We’re all in the hood … well kinda… we’re hot.

This is Mark who is also in the hood

Julia is kind of the hotest ever

Wall art

You’re probably wondering what I’m doing. I happen to be listening to the beer sea.


It’s around this time that Mark started wondering what it’d be like to function without a thumb. AMAZING.

Delicious (and massive) cocktails

Better to be savoured at the exact same time

The next day I was supposed to be long gone by early afternoon but my flight was delayed until 9:30pm so Tom and I were able to galavant all over-
Fooood- french toast + bacon

I had a delicious sandwich that involved goat cheese

I think this is a lovely photo of Tom but he doesn’t seem to agree

I am this kind of nerd. Beck + additional yay with La Roux

I love parks <3

After our roast on the Sunday we all kept discussing cake and desserts which resulted in a huge craving. So finally at the aiport I indulged with this little guy from EAT.

The end!



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11 Responses to “London take 2”

  1. Mark Higgins Says:

    I don’t even know how I pull half those faces.

    Great pics, you!

  2. Mark Higgins Says:

    And oh man, check out my extended pinkies as I go to town on those cocktails.

    I’m like, fucking debonair, and shit.

  3. Kayla Hillier Says:

    You are an animated gentleman haha. I did note the pinkies though- but debonair pinkies? Isn’t that an oxymoron? haha

    I thought for sure you’d bitch me out for acquiring cheesecake haha sooo delicious

  4. Tova Says:

    E8, that’s my hood. I’m trying to visulalise where that dry cleaners is right now. Pretty excited for your return.

  5. Kayla Hillier Says:

    Whaaaaa! I was in your hood and never knew it! That’s by the printers where the comic anthology was made. Crazy stuff!

    We.will.hang.out. and it’ll be AMAZING

  6. ADC Says:

    I think I could love a food selling place called EAT.

  7. Kayla Hillier Says:

    dude their sandwiches are pretty killer. had a roast beef something something and it was good- but the tuna melt was to die for om nom

  8. andreas Says:

    i stumbled over here from the darwyn cooke blog AND i think that
    wall art thing you took a photograph of is from her:

    maybe this does help or brings happiness,

  9. Kayla Hillier Says:

    Thank you Andreas! I really dig Gemma’s stuff- I checked out your website as well- where are you located?

  10. andreas Says:

    at the moment, Germany.
    but i´ll start an internship in Portland in two weeks and i´m off to Canada after that.
    Just got my work&travel paper from the embassy, hooray!

  11. Kayla Hillier Says:

    oh wow that’s awesome! Keep me posted when you head to Canada you should come check out Toronto!

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