An evening with Arthur and Neelam

So apparently I’ve let things fall behind and whatnot. So I need to do a bit of re-cap-ness in order to get back on track. This also means that I’m going to continue the trend of posting one million photos and making my website take 12 years to load. Allll apologies.

Between weddings and England and whatnot- I was invited over to visit Arthur, Neelam and their boys for an evening of food and Beatles Rock Band- here are some photo-rific results:

Chit chat in the kitchen while Neelam makes delicious pasta

I made some garlic bread- it wasn’t overly awesome though my face would tell you otherwise

More in the kitchen shenanigans

Beatles Rock Band!

This is me singin’ probably using my “high voice”

And yeah I slept over and was spoiled in the morning with peach pancakes where we added not only syrup but honey, nutella…peanut butter. We’re healthy shhh.

More re-cap stuff later. I’ve fallen off the wagon- I will get back on!!



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3 Responses to “An evening with Arthur and Neelam”

  1. Tova Says:

    How is Beatles Rock Band? Really quite desperate for it. Are you any good?

  2. Kayla Hillier Says:

    I really really enjoyed it. Arthur and Neelam don’t have the full band stuff- they just had three mics and with Beatles Rock Band you can do three part harmony. It was pretty awesome. It’s so pretty and the songs of course are great.

    But yeah it was fun- I did do pretty well but I think I realized my three part harmony skills aren’t exactly top notch haha

  3. ADC Says:

    beatles RB was fun!!! And we totally rocked out those harmonies. really. music will never, ever be the same.

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