London, England Day 7- September 14th, 2009

I was kinda lazy this day thus- not so epic. After getting home around 4:30am after the Amanda Palmer show I wasn’t really up for much – but I hadn’t really done anything Beatles related yet so I decided to make that the focus of my last day.

Hungry and tired we went to 3 Savile Row which of course was the ol’ Apple HQ and where the Beatles played on the rooftop.

Then followed that excursion with a typical English breakfast in Dan’s case, while I opted for sausage and mash yet again. It wasn’t half as good as what was offered by the Royal Albert sadly.

Random pretty street

Then we went to the location of the Apple (not Mac) Store where they had a sign for John.

And finally to Abbey Road where Abbey Road studio is located and many-a-fan signed the wall.

After this, a nap was in order- I had called Tom at some point to make plans for a final pint before my departure and he suggested The Phoenix Artist Club for 6:30.
So after a bit of sleep Dan and I walked to a Starbucks to have a hot beverage close to the club. Sadly something in Dan’s caramel macchiato didn’t agree with him which sent him home around 6 or so. So I walked in to the Phoenix to grab a pint and look around to realize the bloody place is like a shrine to musical theater = AMAZING! I owe Tom a suitcase full of Tim Hortons cookies and Futures oreo cheesecake for this one. They only played broadway tunes and the walls were covered with headshots and posters … I’m such a nerd.

Julia and her friend Nevs joined us and drunken, silly discussion ensued. Lots of comic chit chat and discussion about TCAF, as well as sexual shenanigans and other related goodies.
We moved briefly over to the 12 Bar where apparently Tom and I decided it’d be a good idea to drink corn whiskey. Please learn from my mistakes.

We listened to a bit of live music before we decided to part ways with Julia and Nevs for sleep was-a-calling.
We talked for a bit then found a way to say goodbye. Always tricky these things when you hang out with a bunch of people a lot for a short period of time and then have to say things like “See you in… months.” Booo.

But that was my trip. The next morning we woke up, packed our bags and left for the airport around 11am.
I lucked out in terms of the films playing on the way back. I was able to see The Boat That Rocked and it was fantastic!! I somehow managed to miss it in theaters- I was waiting for it too, I’m happy to say it met my expectations.

PS- Apparently that film is called Pirate Radio outside of North America. Hmmm.

I’ll try not to post 1 million photos in the next few posts so you can actually load my website heh…



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One Response to “London, England Day 7- September 14th, 2009”

  1. ADC Says:

    no pics from the rooftop? dude. were I there with you at 3 Savile Row, we would’ve gotten up there. I parkour, remember? hahah

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