London, England Day 6- September 13th 2009

Woke up after a small amount of sleep in New Cross- enjoyed a delicious breakfast à la Tom then made my way back to the hotel to meet up with Dan in order to investigate Spitalfields Market.

Went up Brick Lane to check things out then walked to the Tower Bridge across to the South Bank. This was the first day that we experienced “typical” London weather: grey skies, slightly rainy and windy.
We basically just walked along the water and around that area taking a peek at the museums and whatnot- for a bit it seemed really commercial but once we got closer to the Tate Modern things seemed to ease up a bit. Dan hates modern art so I’m sure he wasn’t too pleased with his experience there, but I’m a pretty big fan so this museum needs a do-over when I have more time at some point.
The vacuum cleaners were kind of amusing though…

New Cross in the morning

Not sure what this is but it’s pretty and was also on my way to the train station

On the way to Spitalfields

Oh sausage and mash how I love theeee

The market

Brick Lane

Tower Bridge

City Hall I believe

This place reminded me of my 2nd Year film classes …

The Clink Prison Museum – where the term “The Clink” was coined

Shakespeare Globe Theatre- my understanding is that there isn’t a stitch of metal in there- that it has many-a-wooden peg holding it all together.

Millennium Bridge

After our trip around the Tate Modern we went back to the hotel to relax for a bit – ie. Kayla needs a nap big time.

That night Julia had invited me to come with her and Sarah to see Amanda Palmer at a secret midnight show in Camden. So I went to meet them around 10pm for some drinks and then enjoyed an almost three hour set by Palmer. It was so bloody fantastic!

Amanda came on stage in her underwear and asked that the crowd dress her- the whole thing was silly sauce and hilarious. For one song she forgot the key and the lyrics and through the power of iPhones was able to do a pretty decent job with it while an audience member scrolled the lyrics in front of her.

Neil Gaiman was there of course and he read a story from their book- the whole night was pretty amazing. Even the walk to find a night bus proved entertaining and wonderful. Annnd I may or may not have been slightly excited about riding on the top floor, front row on a double decker bus. Whatever… heh

Extremely talented viola playing friend of Amanda’s. I believe her name was Uma…

Dressin’ for the show

Neil reading us a story

Most of my photos were pretty horrible but luckily one of Julia’s friends Del is a fantastic photographer and he took a few photos that you can view here.



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2 Responses to “London, England Day 6- September 13th 2009”

  1. ADC Says:

    AFP is the best! Dresden Dolls too!!
    Someday I’ll purchase something at Spitalfields

  2. Kayla Hillier Says:

    As long as I’m with you when you go to Spitalfields hahaha

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