London, England Day 5- September 12th 2009

Woke up this day to find out that Dan had about 15 minutes of sleep- so he decided to stay in and remedy that situation, so I took off on a solo adventure.
I found out that I could easily try and kill myself with exploration when left to my own devices.

I went to the British Museum then took the tube to King’s Cross and checked out the British Library and St. Pancras International. Took the tube down to the Natural History Museum, the V&A and the Science Museum. Then went up to check out the Wellington Arch, Buckingham Palace, Green Park, St. James’ Park- then I walked down Whitehall past all of the Parliament buildings until it turned to Millbank for the Tate Britain.

Here be the photos:

British Museum

Hey look guys The Rosetta Stone!

St. Pancras

I am this nerdy and I do love Harry Potter this much

The King’s Library in the Birtish Library… I really wish you didn’t need special permission to go in. I was drooling. Profusely.

The T-Rex inside the Natural History Museum

Inside the Natural History Museum

Having a bit of a break in the yard of the V&A Museum

om nom nom

I kinda dug Princess Diana so seeing one of her gowns was of interest to me…

The Science Museum

Wellington Arch

Australia Memorial- I really liked this one

Queen’s protection ;)

Buckingham Palace

Green Park- easily one of my favorite places in London. Serene would be a good word for this fella.

Canadian War Memorial- Had a bit of a moment here too.

Womens War Memorial

I wish Toronto streets looked like this…

Big Ben

Parliament Buildings

Westminster Abbey

Lambeth Bridge

London Eye

Tate Britain

I really lucked out getting into the Tate Britain- they were closing in 30ish min once I got there. I was really happy that one of my guide books had directions to some of the more interesting paintings.

So after my adventure I got to enjoy an hour long trip back to the hotel via the tube due to there being about 5 lines down for “engineering something something”.

When I got back Dan was still in relax mode so I got ready to meet Tom, Julia and her roomate Sarah for dinner, drinks and potential dancing in New Cross.

I finally got to consume delicious, delicious sausage and mash.

Tom let me try his pie too so I feel justified in posting a photo haha

The Royal Albert- I’m a fan of the lampshades. They’re going to make a comback you watch…

Sarah, Julia and Tom my gallavanting companions (slightly blurry photos but I think they are still snazzy)

There was no loss for conversation and silly chit chat with these three lovely people. We ended up going to dance but it was pretty empty and the tunes weren’t all my kind of dancing tunes (ohhh Red Square I MISS YOU). But we still cut a bit of a rug. While we were there this crew of people came in to promote their cabaret show or something of that nature which involved the following character:

Most people know that I do not fair well with masks. This … donkey… thing and I were not getting along. As long as he? she? stayed away I was good though. Luckily Tom is tall and thus easy to hide behind.

I could have taken the night bus back to the hotel but I decided instead to take Tom up on the offer of breakfast in the morning and a spot on his couch in order to avoid the worry of getting home.

We ended the night with more drinks and once we were all equally exhausted we steered the good times homebound. Enjoyed some tea and conversation til the wee hours of the morning with some tasty tunes playing- this of course is another one of my favorite evenings spent in London. Really good company.

Day 6 to come!



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4 Responses to “London, England Day 5- September 12th 2009”

  1. ADC Says:

    Donkey’s are so hot

  2. Kayla Hillier Says:

    no. no they are not. you are confused.

  3. ADC Says:

    I 100% certain after moving to England you’ll change your tune.
    This will be your favourite movie. Ever.

  4. Kayla Hillier Says:

    You are such a fucker sometimes. Currently it happens to be one of those times. I did not need to know that “Zoo” existed. Ok? ok. GEEZUS.

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