London, England Day 4- September 11th 2009

When I realized how easy it would be to go to Stonehenge from London, I started looking into day tours on the web. The option that seemed best suited was a Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and Oxford combo. I wanted to go to Bath, but Oxford… is Oxford. My love of books and Universities won.
So this day was pretty straight forward: Three locations, all amazingly beautiful. We did manage to have a bit of a hard time getting from Stonehenge to Oxford since we ran into an accident on the way there, tried a detour and ended up stuck in traffic due to yet another accident, but overall the tour was well worth every penny.


Windsor Castle

The view from the castle

Cannon = boom! (epic description for you Arthur)

Changing of the Guard

St. George’s Chapel- easily the most amazing church I’ve ever seen. No photos allowed inside :(

Around Windsor…

Windsor Royal Shopping

Possibly one of the nummiest tuna melts that I’ve ever had. Thank you EAT.

Goodbye Windsor


Our tour guide was telling us how Stonehenge potentially is just a giant burial ground marking the land of the dead vs. the land of the living. It was pretty interesting. I also didn’t know before that there are two different kinds of stone that make the two rings.

Our final stop: Oxford

This man and his top hat made me swoon a bit.

After reminding us that Lawrence of Arabia, Tolkein, C.S. Lewis and a million other amazing people attended school here, our tour guide let us know that below our feet were millions of volumes of books. I could have died. If only I could have melted through the cobblestone…

I need one of these…

When we finally made it back to London, Dan and I were hungry so we went out to this little Italian restaurant. The owner was this friendly fellow and this man at the back of the restaurant was enjoying his meal so much he was shouting about it.
We also had a family next to us who kinda warmed my heart a bit. They were having such a wonderful time together. I like things like that…heh

Me pasta – salmon/alfredo

The best tiramisu I have EVER tasted.

Theeeeee end. Didn’t go out this night. Wanted to see Tom and Julia in New Cross but the traffic delays didn’t really allow for it.

Day 5 to come!



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5 Responses to “London, England Day 4- September 11th 2009”

  1. Thomd Says:

    First, that guy in the top hat is Jack the Ripper. Second, I now must go buy cheese and make a tuna melt…

  2. Kayla Hillier Says:

    dude I friggen’ LOVE tuna melts!!

  3. Thomd Says:

    I made one, was not so amazing looking like that one but it was damn good!

  4. Thomd Says:

    I pound them!

  5. Kayla Hillier Says:

    Now I want one…. why did I read this with an empty stomach.

    PS- I think I can finally say I’m a little less busy and thus Transmission X-ness can continue… we should organize a hot beverage excursion some time soon to discuss. Maybe bring Alex along too

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