London, England Day 3- September 10th 2009

This day started off a little frustrating. There was a lot of walking involved to things that I thought would be cool but were actually kinda meh. I think I woke up kinda late too because there was no alarm clock and I forgot to call the front desk for a wake up call.

Checked out the Dickens house by the hotel and things around the University then basically walked to Hyde Park stopping at sights on the way.
Hyde Park is MASSIVE.

Charles Dickens lived here

Funky bathroom sign

BT Tower

BBC Building- so I’m told by my guide book one of the first radio broadcasts happened there

Hanover Square

Jimi Hendrix and Handel lived in essentially the same building- good music mojo?

Animals in War Memorial

Marble Arch

Sculpture by Marble Arch – pony!

Peter Pan Sculpture in Hyde Park

Monument for John Hanning Speke- Explorer

Hyde Park is PRETTY

Kensington Palace

Kensington Gardens

Queen Victoria Statue

Dan vs. Swan – no one wins really

The Princess Diana Memorial Fountain

Albert Memorial- Best part about this sucker is that apparently Albert asked specifically that they not do something over the top… heh

Royal Albert Hall


That night Dan and I ate at the hotel restaurant because we had a 2 for 1 deal that came with our package.
Look at their vegetarian option ;)

After talking to my friend Tom before I left, he had not only planned ahead for the comedy night but he’d also invited me out to the Pen Club that he’d started after visiting Toronto for TCAF in 2007. So I met him (a little late due to thinking North was South) at the Edinboro Castle in Camden. He’d placed a paper tablecloth across the picnic tables at the back and a bunch of his friends who are fellow comic artists were drawing all over it. I joined in eventually after a bit of a warm up but I mostly got to chat with Julia again and Howard.

Edinboro Castle

I think this was one of my favorite nights in London, I really liked the pub and the company. It was also nice to just get a sketchbook out and draw a bit. I should really try to do that more often. I was pretty shocked though when Tom rolled up the tablecloth and then passed it my way as a gift. Such a thoughtful thing to do for someone and I’m so excited about making some awesome wall decor with it. I took a few quick photos below. It fills me with glee.


More tomorrow…


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2 Responses to “London, England Day 3- September 10th 2009”

  1. adc Says:

    “Hyde Park is pretty.” —wow. you have a way with words. quit your day job, NOW.

    The art jam is awesome. Comic artists are so cool.

    seriously it looks cool to see all the different styles side by side.

  2. Kayla Hillier Says:

    Arthur you are made of evil. Sculpted and molded evil.

    We need to do art jams. Let’s start a revolution.

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