London, England Day 1- September 8th 2009

September 7th Dan and I departed on our adventure to London England around 6pm. Our flight left around 9:30pm or so, and because I apparently didn’t feel like sleeping I decided to watch a few horrible movies during the flight instead: My Life In Ruins and The Soloist. The only redeeming qualities being Greece in the first one and Downey Jr’s acting in the second.

Landed at Gatwick airport around 10am the next day bleary eyed and exhausted but it didn’t take long for adrenaline to kick in. We gathered the luggage, found our driver then we made the journey to the hotel arriving around noon or so.

We did quite a bit of sightseeing that day. Walked from the hotel around Russell Square to the outside of the Birtish Museum then sauntered to Soho Square. I tried to find the old Marquee club where the Stones played to no avail but I was able to find where Karl Marx lived and Mozart. Went through Chinatown, Trocadero, Picadilly Circus, up Regent St, through the Burlington Arcade to St. James of Piccadilly church. Visited St. James Square Gardens, the Admiralty Arch, Trafalgar Square, the Nelson’s Column, went into both the National Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery and St. Martin-in-the-Fields. Then headed back up towards the hotel stopping for dinner near Leicester Square. Saw Covent Garden and the Piazza, the London Transport Musuem , Neil St. and Neil’s Yard and then promptly passed out around 8pm completely EXHAUSTED.

The hotel room

Russell Square

Restaurants and whatnot close to the hotel- need to go to that Pancake Cafe

Karl Marx lived here

London’s Chinatown

Piccadilly Circus

Regent St

The Burlington Arcade

At the Piccadilly Market

I don’t know what this building is- but it’s fantastic!

Duke of York

Admiralty Arch

Nelson’s Column

Chicken and Bacon nummers

Classic Fish & Chips

Covent Garden Market

My kind of store…

Annnd back to the hotel

The main things that stand out for me about this day is walking past the National Geographic Society. I thought that was pretty stellar. It was nice to stand at Piccadilly Circus and to walk through Covent Gardens and whatnot but it was somewhat rushed. I’d like to go back and spend a bit more time with Neil’s Yard / Neil St. that area looked interesting.

Day 2 tomorrow.



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