Beth’s bachelorette + my gardening prospers!

I’m back from London and I’d really like to ramble on and on and on about my trip but I have yet to post about my friend Beth’s bachelorette party that I attended September 5th.

This was supposed to be the post that I was going to write prior to my departure but WordPress was a pile of wonky so here you have it way late in the game.

The theme was pink- but not horrible pink, lovely- I’d say delicate pink.

Tasty treats

Banner craft goodies


Girl talk

The evening was pretty fantastic. Sadly I didn’t get to do the whole sleepover portion as I had one billion million things to do to prepare before my trip. Wooo OCD. But it was a really good time… delicious time actually.

And finally… after months and months of my sad attempts at gardening:

One tiny tomato. Don’t make fun of him, he’s quite literally the fruit of my labour. If it weren’t for animals and bugs eating my nummers before I could, my product would have been much greater. But so far… this is it.

I will commence blogging about my trip to London doing day by day recap posts….tomorrow? tonight? soon!



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3 Responses to “Beth’s bachelorette + my gardening prospers!”

  1. Christine Says:

    Haha. The fruit of your labour. <3 I love it. I hope it was delicious.

  2. Thomd Says:

    I love that healthy Tomato! I envy it! I wanted to make a garden for this year but things didnt work out… I was hoping to prepare the garden in the fall for next year, we will see how it goes. I’ve been throwing the green bin waste in the backyard area instead for now. Thanks to my cat Little Man, I’ve discovered I now have a very large rat living in the backyard, probably due to me throwing the green bin stuff in there. The rat is HUGE.

  3. Kayla Hillier Says:

    Most delicious little sucker ever! haha

    Oh cripes Thom!! Maybe you should name the rat Big Man and Little Man will have a pal? haha

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