Nadine, Andrew and Kayla + Impala, 9 wineries, deep fried pickles and home made ice cream= Saturday

Some friends of mine got married and held a hand holding ceremony for their families in the Niagara region last month which prompted lots of talk about my University stomping ground. Talk was mostly about food: deep fried pickles, ice cream and other tasty things but this all translated into my friend Nadine asking if I’d like to join her for a Niagara wine excursion.

This wine excursion happened yesterday and it was 12 lovely shades of awesome.
We also had the addition of Andrew Wheeler to our duo which added to the car banter and general shenanigans.

Speaking of the car- it ended up being an Impala vs. the tiny auto that Nadine had requested which resulted in hilarity due to the large size, the V6 engine and Nadine’s sweet Dukes of Hazards-esque moves. (I got to find out that if we were to go careening into something I would just let out an “Ahhh!” vs. something more cool/helpful.)

As someone who is just walking through the wine doorway I was really happy with this jaunt because it gave me an education. It also allowed me to figure out which wines I dig more than others- not to mention I was shocked at how incredible Ontario white wines are. There were very few reds that made my taste bud tingle in any way … and here I thought that I favored reds. I also got to try a few ice wines which was super hip! I had no idea that they were that sweet.

The “coles notes” of the trip are
1-lots of wineries
2-lunch at a European/Canadian diner called “White Eagle”
3-lots of wineries
4-ice cream at Toute Sweet
5-Deep friend pickles at the Merchant Ale House then Bugsy’s

The highlights included the awesome lady at the Organized Crime winery who joked in her sarcastic outspoken way and the diner owner who was very talkative and one hell of a proud granddaddy.

Here are some photos:

These are the faces of happy wine-goers:

At Organized Crime:

This is Andrew taking “big risks” at Organized Crime:

Inside the White Eagle (note the grandkids’ photos on the wall):

At our final winery:

Toute Sweet for delicious ice cream!:

Inside our final destination: Bugsy’s- gotta love the Tiffany lamps:



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2 Responses to “Nadine, Andrew and Kayla + Impala, 9 wineries, deep fried pickles and home made ice cream= Saturday”

  1. chomps Says:

    You were about .25 km away from my mom’s house. Near Bugsy’s, I mean. Not the winery.

  2. Kayla Hillier Says:

    Oh crazy, I was in your hood!- Mark Shantz lives near there as well. Oh St. Catharines!

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