Recap of my stint in Sauble Beach with the folks

I haven’t posted anything about my vacation yet so I thought I’d do a quick post.

My three days off work, combined with the three day weekend allowed for 6 days away- not super long but enough to get a little refreshed.

Time was spent mostly cross stitching this Santa Claus and just chit chatting with the folks:

I was able to catch up with my mum. My dad retired in the spring after too many years at GM working long hours and shift work and my mum was somewhat on the fence on whether or not she should take this plunge as well. She really digs her job. It’s fulfilling and she gets to help people on a daily basis. That combo doesn’t really allow you to take your leave and never look back. Eventually she did decide to retire, but to work next year via contract. So I basically got to talk to her more about her feelings on retirement and whatnot. My parents bought a new trailer in Sauble and recently moved into a new house too so it’s been a lot of change since early spring. It’s nice when she opens up a bit and shares on an “adult level”.

She also taught me how to knit purl and to change colours. Last year I learned basic knitting but now I can jazz things up a bit. This is what I have in progress: (knit a row, purl a row)

I also stopped by The Patch which is such a fantastic little shop! The jewelry is what kills me. I feel like 90% of what I own comes from there. I picked up a few necklaces and whatnot but my favorite were the earrings I bought- a little fork and a little spoon! It’s kinda hard to see but that’s the fork:

We also watched all of the Harry Potter flicks, one a night until I left. My mum has read all of the books too and she’d never sat down and watched the movies. It was pretty cool scooching the couches around the TV late at night to watch the next chapter of the series.

And finally just for fun someone posted about this library recently and it blows my mind. It’s absolutely drool-inducing. There are few things I want more in life than my very own library. That’s when I know that I’ve made it.


PS- There’s also a talk on TED (I was just informed by Willow Dawson about the library! Go here.


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3 Responses to “Recap of my stint in Sauble Beach with the folks”

  1. arthur Says:

    holy crap Enigma code machine. I must steal that!

  2. cayla Says:

    i just learned to purl this week too ! i was SO excited. i think knit/purl is called the stockinette stitch. for some reason i learned to knit lefty even though im not and it was ridiculous to learn!

  3. Kayla Hillier Says:

    Oh crazy! That’s really neat that we’re simultaneously being C(K)aylas of the awesome knitting variety haha.

    (Stockinette eh? neat!) It’s weird one of my friends also knits lefty and it boggles me a bit when I watch.

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