On vacation- so very excited!

First things first. I was flippin’ through my photos and I came across this goodie that I forgot to post. Some, I’m assuming 12 year old, decided to spray paint the side of a bank about a block away from where I live:

To me it looks like they meant to write “I Love Weed” but perhaps due to consuming too much of said herb prior to becoming a graffiti artist, they wrote “I Weed”- realized “shit that doesn’t really work” and then added the “Love” at the end. Just a theory. (Or the “I” and “love” were both added later…hmm)
But this is way up there with the Gradge sale.

As the title indicates: I’m on vacation. I’ll be out of town from this evening until end of day August 3rd and thus- no posts :( I apologize.
My parents have a trailer in a pretty spiffy park in Sauble Beach and they’ve been goin’ up there since the 70s- i.e. I’ve gone up there every summer since birth. So I’m going to simultaneously pay them a visit while running away from work and all forms of technology beyond a television set for a little shy of a week.
I intend on making many friendship bracelets, cross stitching, perhaps knitting a scarf and reading ’til my eyes bleed. It’s going to be wonderful!

It also looks like I’m heading to the Decemberists on Monday everrrning. Good times shall be had by all. Rumour has it that they just play through all of “Hazards of Love”. Epic? YES!

I also forgot to post about the stuffed pasta shells that I made. I had a HUGE craving and I decided to give it a go and they turned out wonderful. The recipe called for pine nuts which I think kicked these guys up a knotch. So delicious!

Stuffed Pasta Shells with Spinach:

Enjoy your long weekend. *sigh* First vacation since September of last year. SO SO SO excited.



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One Response to “On vacation- so very excited!”

  1. kayleigh mccarthy Says:

    please tell me how to make the black red and white bracelet.

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