The cake I just baked…

It’s my friend Christine Bevan’s birthday tomorrow- it is also my 2nd anniversary at work (way less awesome)

So I decided to bake her an epic cake of serious chocolate proportions. I don’t know what came over me- but it lead to me creating this idea for an Aero bar chocolate cake and things got a little out of hand… but I went ahead and did it anyway…

I LOVE chocolate. Don’t get me wrong. Like, I LOVE LOVE LOVE chocolate. But after making this thing I could puke. WHAT DID I DO!?

The plan was to do a layer of cake, layer of chocolate bars, layer of cake, layer of crushed chocolate bars in icing, layer of cake, layer of chocolate bars… layer of cake. Someone should have stopped me…

Here’s some photos:

This of course is after the first layer of chocolate bars with the crushed layer on top

The next layer of cake and chocolate bars

View from the top

And here’s where everything started to unravel. You can see that the top layer just couldn’t handle it- it is clearly trying to bail taking my icing job with it.

I’m gonna say it.

I am the first. last. and only person who can, or should ever attempt this.

The cake is currently in the fridge having a time out. It is not allowed to pull a Humpty Dumpty until Bevan can see how much I value our friendship in cake form.



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6 Responses to “The cake I just baked…”

  1. Christine Bevan Says:

    I just ate some of the glorious chocolate insanity and I can confirm 4 things: 1) The cake showed up in tact and it was beautiful (though cutting through 11 aero bars proved to be a challenge). 2) Kayla Hillier is the bestest friend in the world, and a very effective way to show one’s love is in chocolate form. 3) It was before 8:30 am that I consumed this mass of sweetness and I have taken a HUGE step toward developing diabetes. I intend to take another step this afternoon. : )

  2. Kayla Hillier Says:

    Hahaha amazing! Taking on diabetes one step at a time!

  3. Tova Says:


  4. arthur Says:

    damn. that’s one massively chocolate beast of a concoction. I’m sure half of a slice and I’d be comatose.

  5. Thomd Says:


  6. Kayla Hillier Says:

    Thom, it’s what one likes to call MAGIC.

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