Yet another tasty weekend

My friends Beth and Liam had made some beer at a local shop called Fermentations a while back (I’d posted about it) and we (Dan & I) had said to them that if they were planning on going again, we’d love to chip in and split a batch. That conversation of course resulted in talk about beer creations and they had mentioned their desire to make a “dessert beer”, more specifically “pie beer”. So a few weekends ago they put in an order for a beer flavored with blackberries, cinnamon and vanilla and this weekend I went with them to bottle it and bring it home.

The beer turned out pretty good, it’s nice and crisp, but the flavours are subtler than what we would have liked. It’s kind of weird though, when you give it a whiff it smells a bit like bubble tape. (You remember Bubble Tape) But it’s nice, very little after taste and the cinnamon makes it pretty neat.

Afterwards we went to try out this new Indian place by Beth and Liam’s and it’s fantastic!
The place is called “Bombay Chowpatty” there’s two websites that will bring you to ‘em:
Since we were three people and I was going to bring leftovers home to Dan we went a wee crazy and ended up trying 7 different dishes and all were fantastic- all the food is 100% Veggie too.

We tried:
Chaat Papri- crunchy wafers topped with chickpeas, potatoes, special spices, yogurt & tamarind chutney
Paneer Pakora- squares of homemade Indian cottage cheese with spices, batter fried served with chutneys
Ragda Patties- panfried potato patties served with Chana or Ragda with onions, tomatoes yogurt and chutney
Masala Fries- spicy thick cut potato fries topped with yogurt, green chutney tamarind chutney topped with cilantro
Pav Bhaaji- mashed veggies sautéed with onions and garlic in butter topped with lime served with bun bread
Samosa Burger- samosa pressed on griddle served on a bun with onions, lettuce tomatoes and chutneys
Bombay Burger- panfried potato patty served on bun with chickpeas, tomatoes & onions with chutney.

And now I’m hungry.
Beth and Liam tried the shakes too- I need to go back and do so because apparently they were swoon-worthy.

I forgot to mention that they’re ridiculously cheap. Prices range from $2.99 for the Samosa burger to $5.99. I AM IN LOVE! <3


PS- We got Oscar neutered today and when Dan brought him back home Penny reacted to him as if we’d brought home a brand new kitten. Essentially she has lost her shit and will not stop hissing at the poor guy. Luckily he is still slightly wonky and drugged up- mind you I don’t think he’d mind either way… he’s the most complacent animal.


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5 Responses to “Yet another tasty weekend”

  1. Tova Says:

    Indian food sounds amazing- in particular Masala fries. Fantastic combination. Not entirely sure, are you a vegetarian?

  2. adc Says:

    you need some Indian inlaws! Neela’ms folks make me authentic Indian food. Or, as they call it…”food”.

    I want butter beer!!!

  3. Kayla Hillier Says:

    Nah, not veggie just a fan of veggie food. I think in general I prefer vegetables to a slab of meat. Are you vegetarian?

    Yeah, I need to borrow your inlaws haha
    PS- I also want butter beer. Apparently you’ll be able to get it at the Harry Potter theme park that they’re opening. I have full intentions on trying to go next year. Dan’s all … maybe we’ll go. It’s more like I WILL BE THERE DAMMIT.

  4. arthur Says:

    I so want to go to this theme park? where is it? when is it?

  5. Kayla Hillier Says:

    It opens sometime next year so I hear *glee*

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