Florence & The Machine are magnificent!

Every so often I get a little excited about a band, and I don’t think one in particular has given me such a bad case of *swoon* related emotions since… I can’t remember when. (A while ok? ok.)

Not only is Florence Welch completely gorgeous X 12 (see below) but her music is EPIC. E-P-I-C! Her album “Lungs” hits shelves in the UK July 6th.
(insert hopes and dreams about a Canadian release date and tour here)

I figured I should attach some YouTube vids of just a few of her tasty tunes.

I’d heard about this band before but I hadn’t really given the tunes a fair listen- but as of late I can’t stop. This is the kind of music that I would love to make. I’m such a sucker for female vocalists.



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2 Responses to “Florence & The Machine are magnificent!”

  1. adc Says:

    I always kiss with my fists.

  2. Kayla Hillier Says:

    so violent so so violent

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