Happy Canada Day!!

I will be spending my Canada day in red and white of course, but also by going to this:

It should be some seriously good times.

Not much else is going on that’s post worthy. Last weekend was pretty eventful. Went to see The Proposal with some co-workers and it was actually quite funny. Then I went out with my friend Tory and some of her friends for a pint and dancing at Neutral. She had to cut out early to take care of a puppy but no matter since I ran into some University folks. My friends Awn and Will as well as my buddy Kalman from what I call “The Beguiling Crew”. So I danced ’til about 2:30 then made the long trek home.

Sunday was fun filled as I hooked up with Bevan and Rosie (co-workers) and went to the PRIDE parade and saw Wang Chung and ABC play. Kind of amazing.

‘Til next time…


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4 Responses to “Happy Canada Day!!”

  1. ryanmichaelmills Says:

    Kayla moonwalking = yummy

  2. Kayla Hillier Says:

    Dude I recently learned how to moonwalk… just gotta practice!

  3. adc Says:

    I’ve seen you moonwalk. no comment.

  4. Kayla Hillier Says:

    … I said I’d practice…

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