A visit with the folks…

This weekend I went to visit my parents in Belle River (or Belle Rivière- population 4,000) as they recently moved from a town house in a retirement community to a house.
Last Christmas they decided to buy “replacement kids” in the form of two sable collies called Myth and Fable, and they need a *bit* more room.

The new house is lovely and of course meals at home even at my age, even after teaching myself how to cook some pretty spiffy meals, are still the bee’s knees. Maybe it has something to do with the BBQ. I need to acquire one of those …

Now I can share with you this gem:

My parents’ new street has quite a few kids and one little tyke decided that on a sunny Saturday afternoon she’d have a “Gradge” Sale. Ahhhmazing.

Somehow I managed to forget my mascara and eyeliner at their house. Apparently not having these things actually bothers me.

I was able to finish Madame Bovary while I was there. I really dug it. Flaubert makes some interesting comments on French society- I particularly like how in the midst of Bovary’s saucy lifestyle he inserts a few pages of dialogue with arguments surrounding the theatre and literature in an attempt to decide which is worse. There’s discussion about different belief systems… it’s neat.

It’s nice to get on the Flaubert trolley after reading Wuthering Heights and feeling a little meh about it. I hate reading a classic and thinking “what? why is that considered a classic?” (sorry Arthur) I just can’t like Heathcliffe at all. I think he’s a shithead. He could have at least treated Catherine’s daughter nicely since it’s the woman he loves’ flesh and bone.

rant rant rant. I think the more I let that one roll around in my head, the more I don’t really care for it too much. (Again… sorry Arthur…)

And now, puppies!





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One Response to “A visit with the folks…”

  1. adc Says:

    Myth and Fable = best names ever. If Neelam and I have twins again (statistically very likely), their names have been chosen. ;p

    And no need to apologize on your disdain of Wuthering Heights. When you experience true love… you’ll understand. lulz ;p

    I kid because I can.

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