Most delicious weekend ever!

I can be a bit of a homebody- so when I actually get out and do stuff for an entire weekend, I feel pretty pleased with myself.

This weekend in particular was pretty damn spectacular.
On Saturday morning I took off early to meet my friend Arthur and his wife Neelam to spend the morning/afternoon with them and their *EXTREMELY* adorable 8 month old twin boys. This excursion may have caused my biological clock to do a few ticks and tocks. They are such beautiful little guys and they’re so happy. They give you these smiles that just make you MELT. M-E-L-T!

Neelam made a Mexican themed lunch with nachos and burrito nummers. SO good. Mexican food hands down is my fave when it comes to foodie excursions so I was pretty stoked. Then we ended up playing this American Idol video game- shhh don’t laugh- it was pretty good times. There was a problem with the mic at first so Simon HATED us. Then once it was fixed everyone did quite well- that is, until we decided to pick each other’s song. Apparently I don’t know the words to The Who’s Pinball Wizard as well as I thought I did…

Then I went to my friend Bevan’s place where we were supposed to make curtains for our apartments while watching High School Musical 1, 2 and 3… but that didn’t entirely pan out.
After watching the first one and enjoying yet another tasty meal in the form of a veggie lasagna, garlic bread and salad that Bevan made for us (can we say spoiled?), we realized we were a little too into the movies to do simultaneous sewing. Not to mention that I ate a little too much and downed a few glasses of wine, so I was feeling pretty chill.

I have to say- the first HSM is kinda meh… but #2 is significantly better and #3- is well, pretty amazing for teen movie fanatics. I recommend. Oh Efron…

Yesterday morning Dan and I went out for breakfast in the morning then hung out at home until about 5pm when we headed over to Beth and Liam’s place where they had arranged a “Sushi Making Party” as I wanted to learn pretty badly- and in exchange I made a lemon cheesecake for the lesson. I had such a good time!

The conversation was great, Beth and Liam had recently made some beer in preparation for their fall wedding, so we got to try some = *so* delicious. And, of course, I finally learned how to make my own sushi. eeeeee!

Action shot of sushi makin’

The result!

The dessert!

I was a little nervous about the cake since my first attempt was a little too liquidy. This one turned out pretty awesome though. I’m proud of myself :)

In general I’ve been cooking quite a bit lately- See below for my recent excursions:

Chef at Home’s Oat Batter Chicken Dippers-

My freestylin’ chicken- no recipe necessary… just freestyle!-

My ‘holy shit it actually turned out amazing’ lemon cheesecake-



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4 Responses to “Most delicious weekend ever!”

  1. Tova Says:

    That cheesecake looks like heaven! Sushi looked really great as well (really impressed it was your first attempt). Please come here and teach me how to bake.

  2. Kayla Hillier Says:

    Hahaha we should have a baking party when I head to London in the fall. I really love cooking *sigh*… just wish there was more time to do it.

    I guess that is the one really big down side- it’s so friggen’ time consuming.

  3. ADC Says:

    9 months, actually. But who’s counting? ;p

  4. Kayla Hillier Says:

    CUTEST KIDS EVER. EVVVVEEEERRR. Near the end I wasn’t scared of hurting them anymore too haha

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