A few things that make me eee!

I love the Beatles.
(It all started when my buddy Timpano let me read his copy of “The Love You Make” by Peter Brown… I recommend.)

So of course when I saw the following I exploded with glee. Not only is it Beatles related, but the animation is fucking amazing!

Please take 2.5 minutes to take a peek.
The Beatles Rock Band

Also while the MTV Movie Awards are still a hot topic-

I am a teenage girl:

Which I’m following up with Kristen’s awkwardness that for some reason I find more endearing than mortifying.

Annnnd finally- what I deem the best award show kiss- even topping the one above and I HATED The Notebook:

Pleasure indeed.

EDIT: SHIT! Except for this one!:
Adrian Brody at the Oscars



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One Response to “A few things that make me eee!”

  1. ADC Says:

    I love Kstewart, but dude, I do not buy her awkwardness. I’ll call her out on it someday when I meet her. (and I WILL meet her…)
    dropping the award was sweet though.

    And Angelina and her bro. kissing on the lips has my vote for best awards show lip wrestling. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rkxLUeIRcrM

    Beatles Rock band will be great. I wanna be Ringo!

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