Teeeeeeeennnnn Movies!

I just came back from watching 17 Again … again- and that’s the only thing I can actually tell you that is somewhat interesting right now.

This part kills me:

Previous to this film I thought I didn’t like this Efron fellow at all. One could even go so far as to say that I was somewhat repulsed by him. I am now eating my words like the tasty cookies that they are- because he’s kind of delightful. If you’re looking for a no-thinking- silly- feel good kinda flick, I recommend it. The first 15ish minutes are kinda meh- but it picks up nicely.

This film has now prompted my supervisor at work and I to have a curtain making party where we sew, and make window treatments while watching High School Musical 1,2 and 3.
Sometimes you just have to indulge. And sometimes that indulgence deals with 21 year old boys.



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3 Responses to “Teeeeeeeennnnn Movies!”

  1. Tova Says:

    That is too funny. I was definitely with you on the Zef, however he appeared on a chat show here and looked so attractive, like Tom Cruise designer hair attractive. Still think he’s a bit of a waxy alien close up, but long lens shots are perfection. Very keen to see this movie on DVD.

    Completely different note, have you seen Synecdoche, New York? I know it came out in Toronto months ago but finally made its way to the UK last week. I really enjoyed it but wow is it bleak. Figured this could overlap our usual Michel Gondry fetish-talk.

  2. adc Says:

    I love Efron.. and High SChool Musical. I’m weird like that. have not watched 17 again… too afraid of it hitting home as a daddy.

  3. adc Says:

    Wuthering Heights… most definitely in my top 3 books of all time…

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