Short and sweet- literally

Walking home from work last night I slipped off my coat to enjoy the weather. When I’m working the late shift (12-8) I rarely see sunshine when I come home, let alone people out and about until kids are on summer vacation.

It seemed like everyone was on their porch or doing yard work- I’m not much of a summer person but I really like it when things are just warming up and nobody is ready to bitch about how hot it is quite yet.

This little old lady on her porch began to wave frantically from her chair at what I could only assume to be me as I was the only one within her sight. So I figured what the hell I’ll wave back, I’m high on sun juice. And sure enough you could almost see her explode with happiness at simply being acknowledged. She just wanted to tell someone how happy she was to be able to sit there with her coffee at 8:30 at night. I have a feeling I made her day, but she definitely made mine too.

She lives in this small house with “Beware of Dog” signs posted everywhere. I think it’s possible that she lives alone without a burly guard dog in sight.

This made me think about the elderly a bit too. I’ve always had this idea that it will be scary once I get old. Not because I’ll have health issues I’m sure, aches and whatnot, but because there’s something incredibly comforting about always having someone older than you. There’s something really nice about knowing that someone can always ‘one up’ you in life experience and knowledge. I still get jolted when I have to explain something that’s not new or modern to my parents. I just always comfortably assumed that they knew everything. At least it seemed that way until well into high school.


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