A few rants and a whole ‘lotta ramble…

Anyone else notice that my “Daily Photo” is somewhat bullshit? It’s more like a “When I Update Photo” but that just doesn’t have the same ring to it, right? Right. Maybe I’ll just use that as ammo to update more. Just makin’ observations…

So there’s a few kinda girly, media related things that I wanna rant about.

I don’t know if anyone else watches America’s Next Top Model but I got roped in a while ago and now I would probably lump myself into the title of “addict”. I think most of these women are absolutely crazy and I like to think of watching it more as an anthropology / psychology study vs. pointless television. Heh.

But I’m starting to think that Tyra Banks is a crazy bitch too. Think, evil stuck up snob in high school- type bitch. There’s a very unique and slightly wonky girl on the show right now called Alison and she’s in my good books because she’s different and comes across as genuine and honest. She’s not the bee’s knees or anything but for some reason I find her oddities appealing.

Moving along- during judging last week she did the faux pas of stating that a particular photo shoot with a specific photographer was her fave because she learned a lot from the experience. The way the judges panel and Tyra reacted to her honest opinion made me cringe. I felt like they went *way* overboard and took what the poor girl said out of context and made her feel like shit. I hate when people do stuff like that. *cringe*

Here’s the clip, the cring-worthy-ness comes at around 6:50.

Constructive criticism friends. There are ways to let someone know that they did something wrong without making them feel like an ass. *shakes fist*

The other few things that I wanted to rant about are kinda weird and one slightly riské so there’s your warning.

I think I have a good sense of humour. I like a good laugh in good or bad taste. But there were two videos that I watched recently that for some reason pricked the feminist inside of me. I even tried to convince myself that I found these things funny but in my heart of hearts I don’t.

The first is this spoof on the Wii by transforming it into the Shii. Here watch it:

I can understand where the humour would come from. I’m not a complete Debbie Downer, but WTF!? I know it’s playing with stereotypes in order to make people laugh but I almost feel like it went a bit too far. The comments on YouTube get my grrr on a little more too; shit like “it’s so true” etc. Anyone else feel their inner-fem perk up when they watch this? I don’t think it’s funny. I could name all the reasons but is it really necessary?

Then Schick has a new bikini line razor that they’re advertising and again- I feel slightly perturbed by how they went about it. At least this time around one of my fave magazines BUST covered it and they don’t seem to be amused either.
“Funny” Bush Trimming Razor Ads- DO. NOT. WANT.

Either I’m getting older and apparently more offend-able, or these things actually are mildly offensive. Just throwing it out there. I never viewed myself as the type to get my back up about shit like this- not that it’s gone that far… I’m just slightly annoyed at the immaturity. Wit wins. This stuff gets shoved into the “Piss and Fart Joke” pile.



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4 Responses to “A few rants and a whole ‘lotta ramble…”

  1. Tova Says:

    I wasn’t too offended by the Shii video, mainly because it was being ironic and I laughed at the end when the girl said Fuck. And strangely enough, the Wii was very strongly marketed towards women, at least here in Europe it was. I think about 60% of Nintendo DS owners are women as well. It seems that clip was from a comedy sketch show and was good natured fun so I personally don’t take offence.

    However, I watched the advert for the razor: how patronising is that? It would be funny if it was a parody of an actual advert but it’s unbelievable that someone actually conjured up that idea in order to sell products to women. The UK version of that advert I think it’s quite clever: it’s women walking around and if they past by a bush it changes shape. First time I watched it I was rather curious what was going on as I had no idea what it was for, and of course it’s done in good taste as opposed to girl sitting spread eagle in front of spherical bush. Unlike comedy sketch show: know your audience!

    I’d say, someone is going to get fired.

  2. Kayla Hillier Says:

    Yeeeeaaah the razor thing is not making anyone happy. I’ve been asking most of the women I know to watch both because I feel slightly weird about my irk-factor related to them – but it’s been 50/50 on the Shii and only two people have found the razor thing amusing. Most seem to get the feeling that it was the result of a bunch of men feeling clever.

    But I agree with you knowing who your audience is very important here and something like that commercial… eeee!

  3. arthurdelacruz Says:

    I h8 nintendo. good memories, but they’ve burned me the last 3 generations. Never again! Je me souviens!!

    And, Top Model finale party at my house!!!

  4. Kayla Hillier Says:

    OH DUDE!!!! I’m so coming! PARTAY!

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