Death Cab embark on their Spring Tour

This shall be a media heavy post- that’s how I roll.

Yesterday evening I was one of many proud attendees at the first Death Cab for Cutie show of their spring tour. They’ve currently hit the road with two other bands that I could probably write a litany about: Cold War Kids and Ra Ra Riot.

I ended up goin’ to this show solo and I just wanted to share with you a little tip if you loathe the wait time between bands as much as I do- Bring a book. Never has that time flown by so quickly. It was FAN-tastic.

Waiting in line prior to the show was a little awkward as I was quite literally swimming in a sea of sixteen year olds discussing whether or not to go to class tomorrow etc. Prom, exams… you get the picture. Eventually we were ushered into the Sound Academy where they requested that everyone sit down. I kid you not, they made all of us sit. A little strange no? Then I really did feel like I was a high schooler.

Ra Ra Riot were first to the stage and although a little awkward or repetitive with their stage performance / dance moves and grooves- *insert potential sea sickness here* they put on a good show. Their album is one of my absolute favorites right now. I’d see them again live when they’re the headliners.

Cold War Kids were up next and I was somewhat holding my breath here. I had heard from several credible sources that they were pretty meh live. They must have eaten their Wheaties or something because I thought they were stellar. They had a ton of energy- the vocals were outstanding. Yet another band I’d be keen on seeing again.

Finally Death Cab took to the stage and as I’ve seen them before I knew I was in for a solid performance. They’re not overly social on stage, but they throw in a few remarks here and there. Although most people know that I have a soft spot for Ben Gibbard, I kinda have a sexy spot for Chris Walla. Ben Gibbard is the kind of guy that you’d like to go out on dates with and snuggle up to. Chris Walla is the kind of guy who you’d like to pick his brain and meow all day long. *sigh*. So, without further ado a few of my Walla-centric shots from last night:

The band played a wonderful set, my only real complaint and I’m not sure if this is due to where I was standing and the people around me, or if this would have been the general census no matter where I was, any song played from “Plans” resulted in mad cheering and the crowd screaming the lyrics so loudly that you could barely hear the band. I’m down with crowds being “into it” or singing along. But there’s a bit of an issue when you’re overpowering the real band no? Am I a stick in the mud? It’s also equivalent to people going to see a band solely knowing the singles and freaking out for those songs and staying quite silent for the rest of the show. (MGB concerts with the fans yelling “Rico” anyone?)

Blah blah blah- here’s the set list:

Le Set List:
I Will Follow You Into the Dark
A Movie Script Ending
The New Year
We Laugh Indoors
Crooked Teeth
My Mirror Speaks
Company Calls
No Sunlight
Grapevine Fires
I Will Possess Your Heart
Little Bribes
Fake Frowns
Soul Meets Body
The Sound of Settling
Bixby Canyon Bridge
A Diamond and a Tether
Title and Registration
Expo ’86

Because I’m a total noob I tried out the video taking mechanism on my camera for the first time and took two somewhat sloppy and yet audible videos.

The first is a short clip from Soul Meets Body:

This one is from the build up during Transatlanticism:

After the show I hung around and chit chatted for a bit with Ra Ra Riot, (at least 5 of the 6 members) they’re really fine lads and lasses- really young though- at least in person they looked young heh. They were kind enough to sign my CD- a CD I might add that I would highly recommend all of you to add to your collection. (Oh Barsuk how I love all the wonderful things that you do. *sigh*.)

And that’s about it. That was my magical Sunday adventure.
Chris Walla, Hot Sex + Ra Ra Riot, nicest folks ever + Rockin’ electric Cold War Kids = MAGIC



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4 Responses to “Death Cab embark on their Spring Tour”

  1. adc Says:

    they made you sit down? what the eff? not since grade school have I been told to sit…anywhere.
    Deathcab started with my fave song! that would’ve been amazing.
    glad you had a good time… and bring a book is a good tip. I’ve had to endure many an “intermission” solo, as the bands broke down their set ups. it’s especially awkward when you exchange glances with people you’ve seen at other shows, but no one has the cajones to talk to one another…

  2. Tova Says:

    This is really quite poignant. I think you’re straddling the lines between teeangerdom and adulthood. When did we become so old? That being said, I always hated when people sang along at concerts. Dashboard Confessional, 2001- the worst! Yet another teenage moment.

  3. Kayla Hillier Says:

    Arthur- Yes. It was kind of ridiculous. People were jammed so close together that when the time came to stand up it was relatively awkward.
    My fave song is Passenger Seat but they don’t seem to play it often.

    Tova- Yeah, I have a definite “fangirl” inside of me ready and willing to show up at any given time.
    Oh Dashboard! I ended up meeting Chris Carraba when he opened for Weezer- I remember being so disappointed that he was a) SO tiny and b) SO tanned.

  4. Arthur Says:

    OMG. I’ve been listening to Dashboard incessantly the last couple of days. I don’t know why… it takes me back though. And yes, the people singing along totally pissed me off back then… but now, to be honest, I kinda miss it.

    back then, and the days before the postpunk/”emo” thing got huge, it was like a small family, and these shows were like a family reunion with long lost cousins you’ve never met… there was a community there.
    nowadays it’s all so scene, and it’s totally lost that intimate something or other created when everyone sang along… annoying yes. but there wasn’t this invisible wall separating everyone like there is at certain shows now.

    I was at a Rancid show last year, and it was great. People were singing along. At one point, some strange shirtless dude saw me singing along, put his arm around and sang with me like we were in an Irish pub on St. P’s day.
    weird, yes. awesome. yes.

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