The Hazards of Love

First, I’m going to tell you about the really good music that I’m listening to then I’m going to make you potentially sigh and roll your eyes. Okay? Okay.

I picked up The Decemberists new album ‘Hazards of Love’ which came out a little over a week ago and let me tell ya, I think that this band can do no wrong. Each album has been an adventure- I’d even say a magical carpet ride of Aladdin proportions. With every song I get more immersed in the music- it’s good times. So I would *highly* suggest givin’ it a go.
I do understand that the album has been getting a smattering of really shitty reviews, (Spin, Blender, Pitchfork) but I think that this one needs to be listened to a few times over- it grows on you. A Sufjan Stevens kind of grow on you… maybe… I just don’t think that it’s a one time listen then toss aside album. Mind you, The Decemberists aren’t for everyone.

But I think they’re lovely :)

I’ve also been listening to… *sigh* Paramore. I really don’t have an explanation. I listen to it and I know that it’s not really “good” per se. But here’s the thing, their tunes are so fucking catchy and I do dig Hayley’s vocals. Her band mates kinda make me giggle, but there’s something about them.

I guess I just wanted to let that one out of the bag. I’m tossing it into the same pile as my love of Hanson, Kelly Clarkson and Avril Lavigne. Don’t mock. Just embrace.

(But just listen to “Decode” or “I Caught Myself” once and try and keep that shit out of your skull. Trrrrrrryyy.)



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5 Responses to “The Hazards of Love”

  1. Tova Says:

    But Kelly Clarkson is way good too! Well at least her power ballads are, not a huge fan of her sappy slow stuff.

  2. adc Says:

    I LOVE hayley. and the rest of paramore has it’s moments. My Heart is my fave track. and their cover of Foo fighters My Hero is excellent.

    you must check out My Darling YOU! and Jukebox the Ghost. heavy rotation on the radio station in my mind at the moment.

    as for Decemberists getting bad reviews… I think the media just does that after a band has been out for a while. It’s as if after a handful of albums, a band can’t do anything right. If they sound like their first album, then they haven’t grown. if they sound totally different, then they’ve lost their charm.

    c’est la vie.

  3. Kayla Hillier Says:

    Hahaha – so clearly Tova for us it’s the teen flicks and girly tunes *high five*

    Yeah Arthur, you and I are on such similar pages when it comes to music. We have that -“dammit why can’t I just like this and not have people frown upon it” scenario. I guess I’m kind of perpetuating things by feeling weird about my Paramore lurve. But what can ya do? *sigh* But you’re right… so good. haha- I haven’t heard the My Hero cover though… hmmm.

    Yeah the whole reviewers thing pisses me off. I wish they could just appreciate the music as an isolated piece without going on and on about the last album(s).

    PS- I will check out those other bands

  4. TimPants Says:

    It’s funny, I’m listening to this album giving it a third “grow-on-me” spin as I check in on your blog. I still like The Crane Wife better. Have you listened to Her Majesty? It came out before Picaresque and I’d highly recommend it!

  5. Kayla Hillier Says:

    Hey Tim- I agree with you, I think that I dig the Crane Wife better, but I think it’s fair to say that Hazards of Love us is on par with the rest of their musical collection.

    I have listened to Her Majesty- I think I may just have to give ‘er another spin.

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