Spring Awakening = Totally addictive

I love, *love*, musicals. So there’s your warning.

If you have never dreamed of dancing and singin’ your way across a stage, we’re not in the same boat sadly and I’m rowing away.

My mother had the bright idea of videotaping a performance of the Nutcracker when I was little, I don’t think she understood the repercussions at the time, but the tape got *slightly worn out.
I started dancing around the house, walking on my tip toes and aspiring to be a dancer. I started asking her for lessons and low and behold by high school I had danced ballet for 10 years, tap for 3 and jazz for 1.
Singing, has also been a favorite hobby for ages. This all culminates into my love of performance and music. *glee*

On Sunday my sister and I went to see Spring Awakening .
And I’ve rambled this long to tell you that it is SO. FUCKING. GOOD.

The American Tour stopped in Toronto and they’ll be here until early April. I *highly* recommend if this is your thing you should go! They have many more cities to reach in the United States as well.

It is controversial, so if mild nudity, lots of swearing, masturbation, sex etc make you uncomfortable, I’d probably steer you away.

It’s based on a German play (coming-of-age story) by Frank Wedekind written in 1891. (Considering the date that it was written it’s fascinating to think about the subject matter.) The music was written by Duncan Sheik who I have a bit of a soft spot for.

The Official Blog for the cast can be found here.

Also, they have a ton of videos posted on You Tube as Totally Trucked

Finally, the musical won 8 Tony awards *insert internal clapping here*- and a preview can been seen via the medley from the 2007 Tony Awards introduced by Zach Braff.

I’ve seen quite a few musicals, but I really felt the need to sing this one’s praises… haha… get it… sing..praises…



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