Travelin’ music

Not only am I slightly obsessive (*cough*) about creating lists and tracking my life’s progress, I’m also in a pretty constant state of purge. I’m always organizing, cleaning and creating more tasks and “to-dos” then I can really handle.

My most recent adventure is with the idea that I should go through all of my CDs, films and books and sell, exchange or donate the ones that I likely will not listen to or watch. In terms of books, I’m getting rid of the ones I didn’t really care for.
I started with CDs and as I’m going through I’m listening to them all (oh nostalgia) and I’m pretty shocked. Where I thought I would get rid of maybe 10 discs total, I’ve already got a stack of about 12 and I’ve only reached “G”.
This is going to be a much bigger media purge than I thought and it makes me kinda giddy. I love getting rid of stuff. I like feeling like I’m not overly attached to my possessions, like I could just walk away from it all- or survive a fire or some other terrible house and possession destroying catastrophe- heh…

This whole thing has definitely allowed me to stroll down memory lane. I started to remember just how much I adore Matthew Good. I know he’s not exactly everyone’s cup of tea but growing up he was an icon for me. He’s one of few musicians where I dig an element of every one of his songs. I’m sincerely hard pressed to think of just one that I’d skip over while listening to the album.
The Shins are like that for me too. Every song= so good. I wonder how many of those I have…

Rambling, sorry.

In other news my travel plans are becoming more real. Dan and I after going to Paris last fall were on the fence as to whether or not we should go on another European adventure- or if we should save funds to go to Greece. We decided at some point that we’re going to London, England for a week some time this fall and the planning is under way. I figured I’d approach it like Paris with Excel files and travel books, but already I’m filled with glee because I found out how bloody easy it is to get to Stonehenge (not to mention Roman baths). *glee*
So any suggestions of places to go or things to see are more than welcome and greatly appreciated.

And finally, this may be a little early but Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
As my mother’s maiden name is O’Malley I feel justified in my celebratory mood.



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5 Responses to “Travelin’ music”

  1. sarsen56 Says:

    If its a special visit you may want to try and get inside the Circle?

  2. Tova Says:

    I’m impressed with media purge. Our bookcase is so full up (Chris works in publishing so is constantly receiving free books- unfortunately we have a massive on entitled HITLER that I would love to ditch).

    And very exciting to hear that you’re coming to London. I know loads of great places around the city, cheap places to eat, markets, fun dancing nights etc. There’s the obvious stuff too.

  3. adc Says:

    kudos on the media purge. You’re made of stuff more stern than I.

    My idea of “getting rid of stuff” is storing it at my parents house. At this point, I could live without it. Most of the media things are on are obsolete in my mind anyway. I no longer have a VHS player, or a CD player. So, even if I wanted to listen to an old tape or cd , or watch a movie, I just buy or download a new copy…

    but I have catalogues of magazines that I think will be awesome to look through in a decade or so. reminisce old school graphic design trends=fun!

  4. Kayla Hillier Says:

    Thank you “sarsen56” that’s some awesome info!

    Tova- I’ll probably bug you when things get closer for some hints. Well, heh, if you don’t mind.

    Arthur- I’m all about magazine catologues too! I love that kind of thing. They DO NOT get purged heh

  5. sarsen56 Says:

    Thanks: you are most welcome Kayla

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