Dreams + Edgar Wright = Travel?

I’m gonna try and cover a few things in this post so I will label things accordingly so you can pick and choose the areas that you’re interested in.

I’ve been havin’ some real odd ones lately.
A while back I had a dream with Puff Daddy in it where we were friends- such good friends actually, that I was able to make fun of him and try and bring him down a peg. Now I’ve had a somewhat similar dream, but this time with Twilight’s Robert Pattinson.

I’m in LA and I’m a reporter in a room with Robert and these women are all over him and he’s eating it up so I make a snide comment which results in him gaining a boat load of respect for me. (I assume because I was willing to stand up to him and not kiss his ass) So, when I leave that room he follows me and we proceed to make out. That last part is slightly retarded (and yet hot), but it’s kind of weird that I dream about giving my two cents to these people.

Then I had a dream where I’m behind a deli counter making sandwiches for customers when this guy from my work comes up and starts making all kinds of special requests. He needs the bread warmed up just so, and the chicken this way.. etc. As he’s going to pay he turns into my cousin Bryan- but I don’t seem bothered by that at all. Then later on I go to check on my customer (work guy/Bryan) and he’s turned into my friend Chris Butcher- then I wake up. Bizarre.

Last night at the Bloor Cinema Edgar Wright director of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz hosted a screening of both films with a Q&A session.

It was kinda awesome. My friends Jim, Stacy, Naseem, Kean and I all went to the Vic Café for food prior to the show and then while waiting in the freezing cold line to get in we ran into a pretty fair chunk of our social circle.
We ended up sitting in the upper balcony and Chris Butcher (of my dream Chris Butcher) tapped into my inner fangirl (or not so inner) and introduced me to Edgar prior to the show. After that conversation I looked up to find Michael Cera sitting about 7ish rows behind me. It was really, really hard- but I restrained my inner fangirl throughout the screenings. But I did manage to tell anyone within listening distance that Cera is a) beautiful and b) how nice it’d be to say hello vs. how nice it would be to not act retarded. And then I proceeded to have “These Eyes” by The Guess Who in my head for the rest of the night.

After the Q&A I decided to get my DVDs signed and to take a photo with Edgar:

Best part here is that this morning I managed to delete the photo of Edgar and I while showing it to Dan and had to download this fancy retrieving software in order to get it back from my memory stick.
So if you ever wondered if it’s possible to retrieve a deleted photo. Oh. IT. IS.

After we all headed to Clinton’s and good conversation ensued.

Part of the conversation at Clinton’s was me expressing my desire to go backpacking through Europe and/or to teach English in Korea.
These are things that I’ve talked about on and off for while now. The backpacking thing has been on my mind since grade school.
I was trying to explain how although Dan has given me his blessing to pursue these opportunities (he would rather not quit his job to join me- which I respect and completely understand) it’s hard because there’s this struggle between making choices for yourself due to your own life goals- and making choices for the good of your relationship.
You really do come to a point where you can’t just decide to do something and go for it. There’s certain areas that demand compromise in ways that are pretty blarg. But it was interesting. I have a lot to think about. I feel that if I do a backpacking trip it wouldn’t hurt Dan and I at all. A few months away would be completely do-able. It’s just the idea of going away for a full year… that’s where I go into overthink mode. It’s scary stuff. Me + Risk taking = not so hot.

Food for thought.


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5 Responses to “Dreams + Edgar Wright = Travel?”

  1. Jerry Says:

    You cheating on dream me with RPatz! I am distraught….

  2. Kayla Hillier Says:

    Hahaha awww I’m sorry Jerry :( But I will never forget our kiss!

  3. adc Says:

    did E Wright go to Clinton’s too? love their BLT.

    please go to korea, or anywhere out thegre. give me an excuse to go to Asia!

  4. Kayla Hillier Says:

    Nah- he’s got his own crew here in town.

    Hahaha one day I will give you an excuse to go to Asia I’m pretty sure of that haha

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