My own little piece of Martha …

For any food network fans: Chef at Home– It’s not his actual house. It’s just a set. (A really, really nice set near the water with a lovely backyard.But not his house.) Recently we revealed this to Dan’s sister Michelle and she got really upset (not an angry upset- just a “why the hell would you call it “Chef At Home” if it’s not his home upset) so I just assumed in case anyone else would feel that way I’d tattle. (I love his splashes of vanilla *love*)

I started a livejournal 6 years ago tomorrow and I’ve noticed throughout the years that some of the livejournal communities are real gems. I signed on to a few book-related ones that were spotlighted on the main site over the last year or so and one is a daily word prompt to encourage daily rambles. I’m trying to make it a goal of doing this once a day and getting my word count higher and higher to really get into the habit of writing a decent amount each day. So if you’re also interested: All Unwritten
Some of the prompts are horrible and overly dramatic but I just use those to challenge myself to write something out of my comfort zone. Sometimes I do poetry… doesn’t matter. It’s good stuff.

By the end of this weekend I think I will have watched about 80% of the films up for Oscars this year.
My faves so far: Milk, Frost/Nixon, The Reader, Rachel Getting Married, Slumdog Millionaire, Doubt
Didn’t care for: Revolutionary Road, Curious Case of Ben Button
Meh: Vicky, Christina, Barcelona
The only films that I have yet to watch are The Wrestler, The Visitor and Wall E.
I don’t really want to watch The Changeling until I read the book. Mind you, the reviews of it were kinda meh.

And finally, I’m really jealous of Martha Stewart’s Crafts Room.
I don’t really care for her all that much, but God would I love to have a space like that. *sigh*

Happy Long Weekend my Canadian friends!
More soon-


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3 Responses to “My own little piece of Martha …”

  1. Arthur Says:

    I didnt even realize it was a long weekend? wtf?
    And I can’t believe anyone would believe that any of the Food Network peoples actually use their own home for their show… but maybe most of them do? I dunno!!

    Just watched the Reader! awesome. and doing a Buffy season six marathon. more oscar flicks next week!

  2. Tova Says:

    I can’t believe you haven’t seen Wall E. It’s incredible! Chris and I went to see it in cinema here on a Sunday night, where everyone there was over the age of 21, and most likely listed E.T. as one of their favourite films. Then a mother walked in with her 3 children and I could tell she felt out of place. At the end, everyone walked out weeping. I’m sure you’ll love it.

  3. Kayla Hillier Says:

    Apparently I was wrong *sigh*- it’s his seasonal B&B and not a set set… but still not his house!

    I watched Wall E and you were right. It’s fantastic!!!

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