Olé to you no less, for just showing up …

My supremely talented friend Ray Fawkes posted this on his livejournal today- but I liked it so much that I felt the need to throw it here as well.
Elizabeth Gilbert on genius
Stick it out to the end if you watch it. I sincerely believe it’s worth it. I haven’t even read “Eat, Pray, Love”- I’ve actually heard quite mixed reviews on that end of things- but what she has to say is interesting.

In other news, if you go here you will find favourite cookies from 1941-2008. Apparently every year since the 40s Gourmet magazine has been picking a yearly tasty treat. I need to try quite a few of these suckers.

So things for me lately have been quite good. I’ve been doing a lot of reading and trying to do some drawing. Which reminds me, I’ve got to create a habit of drawing and writing a little every day. It’s hard. Since I’m on shift work, every week runs differently. So essentially I’ll have to create three separate schedules and interchange. But it will all be worth it in the end. I think heh.
I work a 8am- 4:30pm shift, then a 9am-5:30pm shift followed by the wonderful 12-8pm. Every week it rotates. I feel wonky about 80% of the time. So schedule it is! Otherwise I’ll never finish the second draft of my novel … moooootivation.

As a final thought, Chris Brown totally pummeled Rhianna right? Right. My kinda fella…



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2 Responses to “Olé to you no less, for just showing up …”

  1. Tova Says:

    I love that no matter what you write about, there’s always mention of cookies! Right. My kind of woman.

  2. Kayla Hillier Says:

    Hahaha I have a sweets fixation.

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