Every time I try…

So unlike this woman this morning I walked into the Etobicoke Drive Test location and walked away with my G2. For some this means very little, but for me I feel like a real winner. REAL WINNER woo!

I started to feel like I may potentially have to go through the test twelve times before I passed. But apparently my attempt to keep myself grounded and not get my hopes up was a little overly negative and not so much realistic. I just had to fail once in order to realize that I maybe-actually-really wanted to get my full license.

So there we have it. I’m one step away from having the real deal in my pocket and I have five years to achieve it. Gooooo me!
My co-workers were really sweet about this whole thing too, I came into work after all was said and done to applause and a cake at my desk. *blush* awww those guys.

I’ve recently become really addicted to the website http://www.neatorama.com. and via this site I was introduced to this site. How Old Are You.net lets you go through hundreds of pictures guessing people’s ages! It’s so addictive and ridiculous AT THE SAME TIME! Some people are WAY older than you thought or younger. It’s fun- and completely wasteful. *sigh*

I also have fallen in love with this woman’s home. Jealous? Yes yes I am. I can only dream that my decorating skills are of that caliber by the time I get a house. *sigh*.

More later-



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