Education … oh my

Via Brian Wood’s Facebook status I was able to view the following two articles:

Teen Strip Search

Teacher fired for taping shut student’s mouth

*blink blink*

For anyone who isn’t really keen on reading both articles. The first is about a 13 year old girl (honour student) who got strip searched at a zero tolerance school in an attempt to find ibuprofen which she did not have on her person.
The second is about a teacher getting fired for duct tapping the mouth of a special needs student to silence them during class.

I can’t really find words right now to express my thoughts on this…
I don’t care really where this happened, but it’s appalling. I feel like I shouldn’t be so shocked but I really, really am. Especially about the 13 year old.

There’s a certain amount of trust that she must have had in authority which would have allowed her to feel like she had no choice but to obey them, to be placed in that position. Abuse of power n’est-ce pas? Kinda brings up the whole home schooling vs. normal schooling argument.
This is a topic I like to debate. There really are benefits to both sides but not having to worry about this kind of shit would be nice.



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