This is just the beginning…

Here it is. A brand new shiny website/blog shenanigan.
I feel like I should say “Welcome” and offer drinks or something.

I’m yet another person, with yet another opinion and with what I deem to be artistic talents, begging you to pay attention. So please help me feel slightly important and special. I dig that.

This hopefully will not end up being solely a blog for my daily rants and rambles. I sincerely hope that this will eventually be transformed into a place where I can continue to dabble in journalism and where I can review music and film. I want it to be interactive. I want to comment on popular culture and world events. Maybe take a bit of a snapshot of where we’re at. Because where we’re at, is pretty neat, yeah?

So feel free to grumble along with me about some things, or to disagree and fight with me about other things. That’s hip.

‘Til next time,



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