Long lost EuroTrip 2012 video

August 23, 2014

I was goin’ through some photos this evening with Roisin and I came across this bad boy. Just a minute or so of footage taken in Amsterdam while enjoyin’ some bagels and beans.

Enjoy ;)

November-December 2013: Green hair, Santa and a ring

August 1, 2014

The end of 2013 was pretty eventful.

I started to take advantage of some of the perks of working at Cult by attending a few concerts. First, Polica, who were kind of disappointing. I love their albums but they just didn’t really bring it live. They do a double drum kit scenario (which felt like a bit of gimmick), I felt like the high end wasn’t really covered. But what can you do? It’s a rare thing to get a band that delivers both.

We also saw James Blake which was also kind of disappointing. I don’t really know how to explain it. Roisin and I agree that we maybe would have liked to see him in a more intimate venue. There were some incredible moments – but the concert as a whole wasn’t stellar.

And of course we saw more of the Diamond Bones… who continued to be amazing.

In early November I was finally allowed to decorate for Christmas and we also had a visit from Roisin’s producer/multi-instrumentalist pal Lewis who stayed with us for a few days. We took him to Cora’s and tried to tick some Canadian must-have boxes, like, poutine-eating.

Before the weather got really cold we tried to cram in as many epic long walks as we could. For Montrealers, I’m talkin’ walks from Acadie metro to Vendome – that’s the only thing I really don’t like about the winter. It doesn’t allow for that level of saunter/adventuring.

I almost dumped Roisin because she wouldn’t go to the Santa Claus parade with me, I still bring this up frequently to remind her that she has to make it up to me this year. (A Canadian Santa Claus parade tour?) And we also got a metric poop-ton of snow. A lot, a lot, a lot of snow. Which of course made the long trip to my folk’s place for the holidays extra long and treacherous.

But before we left to hang with family- Roisin performed for the first time at the Wiggle Room‘s Voix-de-Ville variety show and won the whole thing. It was a crazy night. Our landlord showed up for the performance, we got to meet people like Vincent Pimparé and we were entertained by the antics of our host Kitty Vanderbuilt. I think it’s one of the best night’s in Montreal- well worth the $10 cover.

Then I started to play around with manic panic hair dye. I grew tired of the whole ginger thing and thought while I was self-employed it’d be a shout to do things that wouldn’t be allowed in other work environments. It also felt festive ;) I took photos with anything I could find that matched the hair colour because I’m lame.

But the most exciting thing that happened was Roisin asking me to marry her. :O EXCITING!

We’d obviously chatted about it loads but little did I know she’d been planning her proposal throughout the whole year: calling my parents to ask their permission and working with meshu.io asking them to make a ring (which they initially said no to as they hadn’t made any before – Roisin’s suggestion has now turned into more business for them as they now make sterling and nylon rings).

She hid the ring in an hollowed-out antique leather bound copy of Alice in Wonderland which I opened on Christmas eve. I didn’t see it coming at all. It took me way too long to say “yes” as I felt compelled to repeatedly say “Really?! Oh my god! Really?! WHAT?!” I’m the worst.

The ring is a map of where I lived in Edinburgh, where we first met (Boda) and where we went on our first date. So thoughtful, so personal *swoon*. My lady is indeed the best lady.


New York City Oct. 21-25

July 30, 2014

Although, if we’re honest, we couldn’t really afford it- Roisin and I decided to join our pals from Scotland: Lucy (hairdresser extraordinaire) and Kharris (roommate extraordinaire) for a city break in New York. We hadn’t gone on holiday since our Euro adventure so it felt right to just bite the bullet and commit to a wee adventure. I’d gone before in 2004 but I hadn’t really done the full-on tourist scenario, so I was pretty stoked to rake the city with Roisin and tick some boxes.

Before we even left Montreal we decided to get the New York Pass. Sometimes these passes can be a total rip off, I’m looking at you Berlin Pass, but I have to say that this sucker is worth it. We saved a load of cash by literally calculating how many attractions we needed to see in order to break even and then we piled on even more things to see.

We stayed in a hella shitty hostel on the border of China Town and Little Italy – an incredible location as long as one isn’t looking for luxurious accommodations. It was clean enough and we were up early every morning to make the most of the time we had. We literally walked everywhere. We had subway passes but the weather was incredible and we got to see so much more and make some cool discoveries during our 12 hour-long walks across Manhattan.

We fell in love with Tom and Jerry’s Bar in Noho on our very first night. We ended up makin’ it our local, returning several times for their seasonal pumpkin ale. I have to say it was cool to be there around Halloween.

We ventured to the top of the Empire State Building, explored 30 Rock and Rockefeller, we took a movie tour of Central Park which really helped us get our bearings and learn some cool history about the massive green space. We visited the John Lennon memorial near the Dakota, we bought a crap-ton of candy from FAO Schwarz – I really wanted to make a muppet. Had I known that this was something that could be accomplished in the toy store I probably would have saved accordingly. I was also pretty stoked to find another Zoltar fortune telling vending machine. I seem to have a knack for running into them. And of course we checked out the massive keyboard from Big.

We had a tour of NBC Studios and we also when to the Rockefeller Observation Deck late at night to see the city all lit-up. We sauntered around Times Square but to be honest beyond our necessary meal at Red Lobster (a first for Roisin), we tried to avoid the tourist trap.

One of the most unexpected and amazing things that we saw was the Museum at Eldridge Street. It’s this incredible synagogue whose stained glass and worn-in floorboards still come to mind every so often. The place just had an incredible feeling and fascinating history.

We both went to Macy’s and got makeovers at the Chanel counter by the most fantastic make-up artist. I enjoyed this whole experience way more than I probably should have. I felt like a bloody princess walking around the city after that. And we also took a late-night boat cruise around the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and lower Manhattan.

Since we visited FAO Schwarz initially on our own we returned with Lucy and Kharris and had another adventure. We found the Chelsea Hotel, ate as many doughnuts as we could from the Doughnut Plant, and of course we went on a Sex and the City tour, which starts out pretty stellar, but we did have to admit kind of nosedives midway through. I still think it was worth it. It was a hip way to spend an afternoon. (That link has a list of everywhere we went ;) It did end with necessary cocktails and ridiculous picture-taking.

We also spent a lot of time exploring the High Line and sauntering around Greenwich Village. Our pals from Diamond Bones were also in town while we were there so we were able to catch two shows, one in Manhattan and another in Brooklyn. I really, really loved it there. Sauntering around the wee shops deciding on which food trucks to visit – nom. And of course, we entertained ourselves for a good hour or so in Evolution. Such a hip store.

I feel like the next time we’re in the city we’ll be able to relax a bit more and concentrate on the areas we digged the most. I really want to check out Coney Island, we went a little too late in the season.

It really is a phenomenal place.



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